All CPA Nutra offers and landing pages in a single link
Earn more on affiliate marketing with Rotatix
Don't waste time testing product offers, landing pages, and affiliate programs when you can drive traffic to a single universal URL. Rotatix creates prelandings for you, collects hundreds of offers and tests them, and distributes your traffic to the most profitable setups in real time. All you have to do is drive traffic to Rotatix and earn 90% of the total payouts.
There are hundreds of offers in rotation under nutra vertical: weight loss, health, muscular development, facial creams, and others.
The best prelandings
We are constantly creating dozens of our own prelandings to achieve the highest possible conversion rate.
Maximum EPC
New offers are tested on a daily basis, so we only leave traffic on the ones with the best conversion rate and approve rate and the highest payouts.
Team of affiliates
Rotatix has 20 affiliates that test hundreds of setups to find the most effective ones
Automatic rotation
Our unique rotation algorithm directs traffic to the most profitable setups
Nutra CPA offers for Russia and the CIS
We've been working with Rotatix since 2016. We are very happy with the volume and quality of traffic, the flexibility, and how fast issues get resolved. These are partners with a professional approach who understand the subtleties of working with internet traffic.
Max Onlybest
The owner of
As an advertiser, we've been working with Rotatix on international offers for a long time. It's really a pleasure to work with them. We started with Germany and hope to conquer Asia together. They provide strictly high-quality traffic and are always ready to help test something new.
I consider these guys true professionals. They always know what product to sell, and who to sell it to. From the very beginning of our collaboration, this team has been a leader in our statistics. It's a pleasure working with people like this.
Rotatix is a reliable and responsible partner. We have had a friendly and business relationship for a year and a half, and we are expanding our partnership. We are very happy with our collaboration, and our colleagues have shown very good results.
How Rotatix works
You drive traffic to a single URL – a smartlink – that rotates hundreds of the best CPA offers and prelandings.
All the sets of prelandings and offers are analyzed in real time, and your traffic is redirected to the most productive ones.
A small percentage of traffic is directed to continually testing new setups so you never miss a great offer or landing.
A typical affiliate
Achieve it with Rotatix
You have well-worn prelandings, but you can't measure the CTR and compare how they work with different CPA offers
Drive traffic to tested prelandings with a high CTR, including unique Rotatix prelandings
Testing setups
You are spending time and money on testing
We use our affiliate team to perform full-fledged tests of setups and keep only the most profitable ones
Searching for new offers
You are driving traffic to just a few CPA offers, and hoping that nothing breaks
We regularly add and test new offers
Better terms from partners
You need to drive a lot of traffic to get high payouts and a guaranteed approve rate
We have excellent partner relationships, and we make high payouts even with small volumes
Private offers
You have to communicate well with your affiliate manager and drive a lot of traffic
We automatically drive your traffic to every exclusive offer that is available
Where we find offers
The best Russian and international affiliate programs with product CPA offers
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